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  • Monday July 4th, 2016
Project Description

Excellent facilities coupled with beautiful locations and a sense of adventure! 

For large size conferences, the prime choice in Laos is to be found in Vientiane. The Lao capital has the most international air access and best venues at the largest hotels. While Luang Prabang remains a boutique destination as such not yet having large capacity accommodation supply, it can for the moment humbly host small size conferences to be held at meeting or multi function rooms of hotels.

MICE-People also excel at delivering the best in:

  • Conference Warm-Ups and Ice breakers,
  • Travel desks for pre and post tours,
  • Off site cocktail functions,
  • Off site dinners,
  • Evening entertainments

So, from small size to international size conferences, definitely, there is something waiting for you in Laos.