Corporate Events

Corporate Events

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  • Wednesday August 3rd, 2016
Project Description

Organize a corporate event that will be remembered for years to come! 

Because your organization is very much alive, the year is punctuated with a number of events that add rhythm its life.  Add the beat of Laos to your calendar for a date that will be remembered.

  • Corporate retreats,
  • Annual get-together parties,
  • Company/organization anniversaries celebrations,
  • End-year parties and functions,
  • Networking functions with leading entrepreneurs and business facilitators,
  • Fund raising and charity events,
  • Product launches,
  • And more.

At MICE-People, we can help you live memorable and profitable moments if you decided to spice up your organization’s routine by visiting Laos!

Laos, vastly unknown to your people (go ahead, do a random poll and see what’s out about it!) can be the perfect destination to bring in some novelty in those times when everyone “has done it all already”.