Sports and Nature

Sports and Nature

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  • Sunday September 4th, 2016
Project Description

Laos has a natural sense of adventure and great weather – time for outdoor activities!

Here at MICE-People, we believe that Laos’ nature and its people are its best selling points. We encourage interaction with the locals and the environment with a responsible approach.

This said, if you wish to incorporate some nature-based activities of any grade of difficulty from super easy and at the reach of everyone to more “hardcore” experiences, Laos has it all!

Rafting, trekking, bicycling, mountain biking, elephant safaris and caravans, kayaking, motorbike riding, climbing, caving, 4WD, it is all out there waiting for you.

Whatever your taste runs into, feel free to share your passion with us and we will strive to get you in touch with like-minded locals, whether Lao or expats.